Newly Launched Company Bridges Gap Between Luxury Experiences & Women’s Empowerment

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After a year of heartbreak, turmoil and frustration, one newly launched company is helping women channel all of these feelings and then some by releasing an exclusive, limited collection of smashable raw steel cubes that allows them to express their own raw emotions, without the cleanup of broken dishes.

Arguably the top must-have product for 2021, The REcube Company is bridging the gap between luxury experiences and women’s empowerment as each cube is designed to be bashed with a sledgehammer and turned into a contemporary art piece as a reminder that even the hardest of times can be turned into something beautiful. Perfect for general stress relief, difficult times and celebrations alike. REcubes are the ultimate solution for those looking to close the book on a not-so-great chapter in their life and start writing the next one on a high note.

“If you’ve ever had that feeling of wanting to slam a picture off the wall or throw a vase and watch it shatter, we hear you, we understand you and we are you,” said Jenna Mack, founder of The REcube Company. “The REcube Company was born out of necessity to help people like you and me redirect our raw emotions into something constructive, without having the consequence of cleaning up after. Whether it’s gifting one to a friend in need, hosting an Instagrammable party to celebrate the end of an era, or having an individual moment with your own four walls as the witness, REcubes are revolutionizing the way women express their emotions for the better.”

The Original REcube

With presales opening through Kickstarter at the beginning of June 2021, the Original 16″ REcube ($500) will be available In addition, Limited Edition REcubes ($750) will be available exclusively during the Kickstarter campaign in four variations, including REclaim, REdirection, RElief, and Revolutionary. Each limited edition REcube is numbered and arrives with certificates of authenticity, hammers etched with the edition name, ear plugs, gloves, safety glasses and are packaged in a carrying case for easy removal and carrying. While each REcube is beautifully crafted, it’s manufactured out of raw steel to look intentionally not perfect, just like all of us.

Founded by Jenna Mack, a mom, entrepreneur, venue manager, and event planner based in Washington, DC, The REcube company was created after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic brought her high-profile events and women-owned and operated AV companies to a screeching halt. Exasperated after watching these once-successful businesses stand frozen in time while juggling virtual schooling with her six beautiful children, Jenna just wanted to throw or break something. After researching ideas of how she could channel that energy into something positive, The REcube Company was born.

Discover more: www.therecubecompany.com

Visit their Kickstarter page: Click Here

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