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I think there is something that we can all agree to, well at least most of us, when it comes to purchasing art, it’s a whole new world. I certainly know from personal experience, no matter how much I try to understand the art world, it almost feels like an endless pit of ‘need to know’.

So the question has to be asked, ‘is there someone I can turn to?’ Much like other sectors in luxury, there are brokers, agencies and professionals you can turn to, in order to make the right and informed choices. In the art world, naturally, there are professionals you turn to for advice, but know who is a head-scratcher.

Let me introduce a company called Mckay Williamson, a gallery that will work with you to take the very first step in owning and or building an art collection. There are over 1.2 million pieces of privately owned art with an estimated value of USD$100 billion. And you’d be correct in saying that these pieces of art are held in storage and hidden from the public and the world. However, this is to be expected.

Knowing where to start your very own art collection can be scary, especially if you have never done it before. I have always been told, forget the price, period but focus on art pieces that speak to you. When you stand in front of the painting, what feelings or emotions do you experience, if you are getting nothing, then that particular piece is not for you, but if a certain piece makes you feel something, even if it makes you smile, then there is something there.

Provided by MK Creative
Provided by MK Creative

Richard Williamson, founder and CEO of London gallery and creative agency, Mckay Williamson, believes that art needs to be felt, and “ought to celebrate and reflect your journey”. Working with experts in art, design, photography and film, he offers bespoke services to clients through both commissioned and non-commissioned work, consultancy and sourcing.

Acting as a middleman between his artists and clients, he makes sure the wishes of both are met. He has final approval of the pieces created, after working extensively to create a brief with the client, and with the artist to make sure their interpretation is realised and respected.

Richard Williamson opened McKay Williamson in Notting Hill, West London in 2002, naming the gallery in honour of his two grandfathers as a family legacy. Williamson’s vision for the gallery is to help people ‘think’ about the sort of art they buy to gently educate them about the legacy of art. 

He believes that art should not only be aesthetically beautiful but should also be personally meaningful. To ensure its beauty, Williamson has curated a bevvy of award-winning artists – including BP Portrait Award, Threadneedle Prize and Frank Herring Award winners. 

Art is personal, no matter what level you are at when it comes to an art collection, art remains very much a personal transaction. You need to see the art, get a feel for the image and artist, without this the art piece will become meaningless. This is what I like about Richard, he gets to know his clients and helps them choose artwork that will resonate with them personally.

With 2022 only around the corner, now is a great time to have a walk around your home and start planning to place some art around you, pieces that make your home feel that bit more special.

Discover more about Richard Williamson and McKay Williamson by visiting their website at: www.mkwcreative.com

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