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For singles and families that have had enough of staying in their home location and wish to travel to new locations, they may wish to place Costa Rica on their travel destination list. Noted travel advisor Matthew Keezer points out that Costa Rica is home to a wide variety of diverse plants and wildlife as well as providing a number of fun and interesting attractions that appeal to everyone.

Things that one should know regarding COVID-19 restrictions;

Upon researching Costa Rica’s tourism site, at the time of this writing, the country no longer requires a negative COVID test for entry. In addition, there is no current quarantine policy in effect. However, those who planning a trip into the country will be required to complete a Digital Health Pass prior to their flight into the country. This must be done 48 hours before boarding. It is also necessary to purchase a health insurance policy in the amount of at least $50,000 in medical expenses and lodging expenses of at least $2,000.

Matthew Keezer has indicated that the current COVID situation in Costa Rica is trending downwards with actual figures available from the World Health Organization and the CDC.

Things to do and know regarding Costa Rica’s vacation attractions

Hint: For families traveling with small children, you may wish to pack a children’s car seat, since Costa Rican shuttles and private transportation usually don’t feature these amenities. 

Popular Attractions

Some of the most popular Costa Rican attractions include:

  • Arenal Volcano National Park – Here, you can enjoy hiking and Matthew Keezer suggests visiting a coffee or chocolate farm. You can also view various examples of wildlife while floating down a river or you can sign up to view the nighttime rainforest landscape.
  • Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve – Here, you’ll find the first zipline and the renowned cloud forest. The forest is home to magnificent, towering trees, a huge variety of plant and animal life, and fantastic draping vines.
  • And don’t forget the exciting nightlife to be found in the countries major cities.

Driving to Tourist Attractions within Costa Rica

Matthew Keezer notes that the majority of tourist attraction destinations are relatively easy to reach by car. You won’t need to secure an International Driver’s License, your current home license will be sufficient. But for the sake of convenience, you should know that most attractions outside the cities may be reached by planes from small, local airports.

Hint: If you plan on driving, you may wish to rent a 4-wheel drive vehicle for traveling out into the country. During the rainy season, this is especially important. Also, you may wish to avoid driving after dark.

Matthew Keezer makes it a point to indicate that the best thing about a vacation in Costa Rica is the fact that it essentially family-friendly and can be highly educational as well as fun.

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