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There is one fact you have to know when you are chartering a yacht, you can never have enough cool toys to play with, from a water slide, floating obstacle course to sea pools.

However that being said, there is one company that comes to mind when looking for floating toys, and that is FunAir. With the Monaco Yacht Show just around the corner, the brand will be launching its New Modular Beach Collection.

One of their new products is the Floating Shaded Lounger, with its modular hub that allows the yacht crew to connect up to three double chaise loungers together to create a comfortable, free-floating, shaded island.

The brand new Floating Shaded Lounger from FunAir. This product will be on display at the Monaco Yacht Show

FunAir will be the only toy manufacturer at the show that you will be able to view the three connected loungers on the water right outside the Captains and Crew lounge portside of the Yacht Club on Quai Louis II.

The Monaco Yacht Show is only a couple of weeks away, starting on the 22nd of September to 25th September.

To learn more about FunAir visit their website: www.funair.com

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