Hurtigruten Announces Norway as Destination of the Year 2021

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Hurtigruten, has officially named Norway as Destination of the Year 2021. From a warm welcome by locals to breathtaking scenery and the infamous midnight sun, Norway provides an uplifting and inspiring state of mind for travelers looking to reignite their inner travel flame.  And, as Hurtigruten’s home country, experiences have been carefully and thoughtfully created to give explorers an authentic and genuine look at the destination.

Norway offers travelers an unparalleled experience and Hurtigruten has chosen the majestic landscape as the Destination of the Year 2021 for these top reasons:

  • The Happiest Place on Earth: Norway is truly “The Happiest Place on Earth,” thanks to its warm culture, community, generosity and “Higge” mentality. While travelers may go for the famous sights, Norway’s naturally welcoming people are eager and proud to share their heritage and traditions with visitors.
  • Seasonal Sunlight: Norway days are either extremely long or short and pending traveler preference, is perfect for a visit any time of year. During the summer months, the sun hardly sets, creating a backdrop for late-night hikes, outdoor concerts and more. In the winter months, there is little natural daylight. This means long evenings indoors embracing the Norwegian lifestyle of cooking and spending quality time together.
  • The Northern Lights: It’s no secret Norway is one of the best places to witness this amazing phenomenon. Home to a number of small towns in the north, it’s easy to spot the dancing lights in the sky between September and late March.
  • Majestic Fjords: Thanks to the last ice age, there are Fjords-a-plenty in Norway. Exploring these natural wonders can be done by hiking, kayaking, sailing, diving or camping, providing an opportunity to stay active and get up, close and personal with nature.

To learn more or to book a future trip to Norway, visit  https://www.hurtigruten.com/destinations/norway

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