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RSVLTS, creators of high-quality licensed and unlicensed apparel since 2012, officially teed-off its collection of uniquely designed golf apparel and overall lifestyle brand – Breakfast Balls™ – encouraging everyone to Have Another.

Of course, Have Another inherently speaks to both exactly what is a “breakfast ball” and moreover how one truly lives a lifestyle that goes beyond the sport alone.

Love breakfast? Check. Love golf? Double-check. Love eating breakfast sandwiches on the course and cruisin’ hard on the cart with some buddies and some ice cold beverages?! Triple-check. Welcome to the Breakfast Balls life.

By definition, a Breakfast Ball – which derives from various country club subcultures – is essentially that first second-chance at redemption. It’s the mulligan-on-1 that doesn’t send you into a downward spiral of slices, bogeys, and snapped putters thrown into the lake. You won’t find any breakfast balls on the PGA tour, and that’s the point. It’s a little way of saying: “Hey, let’s have some fun today. Go ahead and have another, Doug.”

“Breakfast Balls has been in the works for years now, born from a true and age-old story about a group of guys sweating relentlessly during an early morning tee time a few summers ago, where nothing seemed to go right at first,” said Stephen Gebhardt, co-founder of RSVLTS and Breakfast Balls brands. “It was hilarious and frustrating at once, which is when Breakfast Balls started getting thrown around. So while we’re all serious about the sport, there’s also something to be said about the golf lifestyle, and spending quality time on the course with your friends, regardless of skill or outcomes. And especially looking really damn good along the way too.”

A Glimpse at 2021 Breakfast Balls Collection

As part of the collection, three distinct series of polos and other bespoke items are available for any and all levels of golfer and sartorialist (yeah we said it) – The Big Hitter, The Scratch, and The Ace:

The Big Hitter Polo Series. The Big Hitter Polo uses a lightweight, moisture-wicking, super-soft fabric that stays out of your way while you swing. It’s a shirt that practically begs you not to lay up. Just hit bombs.

  • Rise & Shine – The birdie train is fueled by four things: bacon, eggs, toast, and happiness. You can’t have the last one without the first three.
  • The Fade – There are no slices, only fades. Pronounced, sexy fades.
  • The Tour – Perfect for those who want to look good, play well, and maybe run their buddy’s cart off the path yelling “KICK HIM OFF THE TOUR, DOUG!
  • Breakfast of Champions – Whether it’s your first meal or your first drive, CRUSH the hell out of it.

The Scratch Polo Series. The Scratch Polo uses the same lightweight fabric as the Big Hitter Polo. The big difference here is the super-soft jersey mesh side paneling for extra ventilation. The Scratch Polo is all about staying cool, because the only thing that should be covered in sweat is the outside of your beverage.

  • James Bombs – Step up to the box, absolutely crush one down the pipe, turn to the crowd and say, “The name’s Bombs… James Bombs.”
  • The Continental – Let the day come to you like a comped hotel breakfast.
  • Play for Chubbs – Just easin’ the tension, baby. Just easin’ the tension.

The Ace Polo Series. The Ace Polo is our top-of-the-line performance and comfort piece, using an ultra-light and aerated fabric with plenty of stretch. It also features a modern, shorter cut and more tailored sleeves to perfectly hug you on the course and look great casually untucked at the clubhouse.

  • The Cloud – Like knocking down 30 foot putts on a heavenly course of clouds high above the earth.
  • Baby Blue – The ultimate sandbagging shirt. Show up looking easy on the eyes then flip the switch and pipe tee shots.
  • A Petit Déjeuner – [a-puh-tee dey-zhœ-ney] For the sophisticated golfer and expert breakfast eater. Someone like Turd Ferguson.

The Breakfast Balls hats come in three forms: 6-panel taslan, 5-panel taslan, and unstructured “dad hat.” All are lightweight and soft, with an adjustable clip in the back and an embroidered logo on the front.

  • Hole in One – 6-panel
  • BRKFST – 6-panel
  • Play for Chubbs – 5-panel
  • Masters Cut – 5-panel
  • Crispy Slice – Unstructured dad hat

Like their RSVLTS counterparts, the Breakfast Balls koozies are incredible. The casual koozie user will appreciate the fun patterns. The koozie connoisseur will appreciate the 3mm-thick neoprene that keeps drinks ice cold on the course and the stitched outer piping for a non-flimsy, non-frayed edge.

  • Breakfast of Champions
  • The Fade
  • Play For Chubbs
  • Rise & Shine

The Breakfast Balls calf-length socks feature a super-soft terry cloth heel and toe. Take those little piggies to market in stylish comfort.

  • BEC
  • Breakfast of Champions

To learn more about Breakfast Balls apparel and find additional information for other upcoming releases, follow them social media via Instagram @breakfastballs and on Twitter @BRKFSTballs

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