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Julia Suzuki 2019Julia Suzuki 2019

Julia Suzuki 2019

Fashion designer and entrepreneur Julia Suzuki is known for her creative, elegant and feminine designs. The one thing I first noticed when being invited to one of her exclusive fashion shoots was how the dresses were so sensually sophisticated. I felt as though I was in a room filled and swirling with love, fantasy and controversy all in one – let’s say this designer certainly knows how to make a woman feel sexy and powerful.

Like most of us in our careers Julia started off with no exact idea of quite how she was to achieve her dreams, challenges in a male dominated career world came, but Julia felt that her fashion ideas would be the one way to help women like herself to present themselves as their own force and uniqueness. When Julia researched other evening dress designers she felt a lot of the designers created garments, that looked vey similar.

Before launching her own brand Julia worked all around the world with and for David Lloyd – helping build his property empire from the USA, and Dubai, to Barbados and Montenegro – she got even more the feel of how to build a world class brand and how to create a working business strategy.

Julia Suzuki fashion shoot 2020Julia Suzuki fashion shoot 2020

Julia Suzuki fashion shoot 2020

 Using the beauty and magical feel of fantasy Julia states; “I try to keep my designs all that is beautifully British, but we live in a multicultural climate so everything I do is internationally inspired both by European influences, and globally with signature elements coming to play from the Middle east and the USA”.

Although Julia loves British fabrics she uses dramatic colour palettes and jewelled embellishments. Julia also ensures she uses multicultural models when promoting the brand she states; “ it’s about bringing us women together and celebrating diverse beauty which is so much more interesting.”
You can see there is that kind of Eastern meets West element to the creations.

 The brand is slightly more of ‘Lord of the Rings’ then whimsical fairy tale, shown in a certain boldness and braveness and the new capsule collection has collaborated with Astteria of London, which is a high-end bespoke jewellery designer. They create high end luxury jewellery from fancy diamonds in pinks, greens, reds which compliment perfectly the designs Julia has created for this collection.

The prices of JS Couture start from £2,000 and reaches into the tens and thousand for the bespoke bridal dresses. Julia’s plan is too build the company like any other luxury brand into the accessories market.

Julia had also the fantastic opportunity to publish a book, “The Land of Dragor” with John Blake Publishing. This is a fantasy novel was based around the worldwide travels, seeing and discovering all the most beautiful places and achieved the British Arts Council Award.

 Who would be your biggest inspiration to dress and why?

Probably Margot Robbie and Kim Cattrall. Kim was a big influence to me in my twenties, I loved her character in Sex and The City as we all know, as Samantha Jones who owns the strength and power as a woman. She would wear the very quirky fashion alternative, sleeves, the one strap shoulder and the traditional classics. I’m not a strict feminist but am impressed by women who standup for their rights – my clients are the inspirational woman who would do a Ted talk, inspiring people, that’s what’s making the world change.

What’s been the design that has made the best impact on society today?

The last piece that I designed is a full length gold sequin dress, which has a pom pom trim at the bottom, a gold embroiled strap and side floating cream organza pleated train. The different fabrics keep the design intriguing. It’s a feminine piece, that does say pretty, but some would say equally shouts ‘don’t mess’ 


Julia Suzuki 2019 fashion shootJulia Suzuki 2019 fashion shoot

Julia Suzuki 2019 fashion shoot

 Who would be the best fashion designer you would like to collaborate with and why?

Well who wouldn’t love to collaborate with Tom Ford – he’s intense, so sharp and the ultimate strong brand, that’s never diluted.

 If you had one high street brand to collaborate with who would you choose and why?

I am not sure I would. The high street is faltering in the changing retail climate and I wish to keep the brand exclusive. It has to be Harrods – that all luxury designers aspire to.

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