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Tony StowellTony Stowell

Tony Stowell

If I said Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams and Mark Owen we all know who they are, well most of us. A band that’s famously known as Take That, but the public were unaware of one fifth member, Tony Stowell a guy from Hull who had better ideas creating a promotion called the Tony Stowell Campaign to quite simply achieve the comfort of residents in care homes.

 A former model and singer who has made an impression and a plea to get the Hull and East Yorkshire’s backing to get CCTV cameras installed into care homes. Tony’s been pushing the campaign for over three years and released a cover single “Angels” working together with Pete Hammond to raise awareness and enable to pursuit the support.

Tony Stowell and Robbie WilliamsTony Stowell and Robbie Williams

Tony Stowell and Robbie Williams

Britain has more than 200,000 care homes and looking after over 300,000 people over the age of 80.  At least one of us has experTienced a family member or friend, who’s been within a care home with dementia or some illness and not been happy the way the system has been worked, which includes myself. We hear so many reports about how much abuse goes on within care homes and Tony said; “ I’ve visited the care homes all over the UK and we are like the third world in comparison” there is so much that we don’t see.

 Tony has achieved so much since starting his passion for the campaign. He’s been award the Best of Hero’s award and just been nominated for The Pride of Britain Award’s, which will be held in London and broadcast in November on ITV. With lots of celebrity backing, such as; Carry Grant a kind nurtured soul, Eamon Holmes a gentleman with a heart of gold and Coleen Nolan a woman with compassion, as Tony describes – we haven’t seen the last of him yet.


Tony Stowell and Eamon HolmesTony Stowell and Eamon Holmes

Tony Stowell and Eamon Holmes

More and more celebrities are getting involved to talk about how in some way they have been affected, which means more independent voices to be heard.

Tony Stowell and Sue HoldernessTony Stowell and Sue Holderness

Tony Stowell and Sue Holderness

He’s been unable to get the Government backing, support and investment to put CCTV into care homes, but should it be about cost, these people are human beings and deserve better care. It’s not even a debate to be answered it should be a legal and compulsory requirement, as a standard procedure to have them installed.

 I asked Tony if there is one message you would like to say to the Government what would that be; it’s a worldwide problem, not just here in the UK and it needs to be recognized, that there is issues with our care system and it needs a lot of improvement – WE ARE ALL HUMAN!!!

 Magali Gorre states; in Holland they have high technology CCTV cameras in the care homes that monitor the patients 24/7.  They can pick up low/high blood sugar levels to even alerting staff to a potential heart attack – this is life saving equipment. So the question is why is the UK not getting involved? It would certainly give us that peace of mind when a loved one is admitted knowing they are in safe hands.

 When asking Tony about how he’s going to grow the campaign he states; I want to get it to a level where my voice is heard and the people are noticing what’s happening behind those closed doors. The question is how would you feel if this was you being abused in a care home, let’s think about that for a second….

Tony Stowell and Vanessa FeltzTony Stowell and Vanessa Feltz

Tony Stowell and Vanessa Feltz


Looking back over his career Tony says one of his biggest regrets is not taking the opportunity with Take That, but let’s take a step back he’s one of the biggest icons to date helping people get the best support that they need and if the boys asked him back he would say “god yes” he’d jump at it and would love to. His passion for music shows through his enthusiasm. When talking about the boys he states; it would be a great opportunity to get the boys involved with the campaign and if they said yes, he would run on stage naked – we’d hold you to that Tony.

 To support Tony Stowell’s campaign please follow @TonyStowell3




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