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The Bentley Spur has always been a grey area for me, compared to the Continental, Mulsanne and Bentayga, I never thought it was a good looking car, which was a shame because I absolutely love saloons and the Spur had everything going for it. The car always felt like a stretched Continental GT, which is not a bad thing. The front looked ok, nothing mindblowing, but the rear of the car was awful, Bentley made no effect to make the Spur a little different, and the interior was ‘meh’, again nothing special. The Spur should have been the car that perfectly blends the needs of drivers who had a family or those that need a saloon for its ability to carry passengers without feeling like a chauffeur, all wrapped in a sleek, sporty saloon body. So when I received an email with news on the newer and updated Spur for 2019, I had my fingers crossed, hoping, praying, that they had made it more unique, a proper Bentley in its own right and when I saw the first images, one word came to mind “RESULT!”. Finally, the Spur has gotten the special treatment it’s always needed.

The important part for me was the rear, it is more in tune with the rest of the car, and the front hasn’t really changed, but that is not a bad thing, I see it as a Bentley trademark and wouldn’t expect anything else. The overall look is much sportier and appealing, a car that I would more than happily purchase without even taking it for a test drive. The interior is typical Bentley, smart, functional and oozes luxury. Today, Bentley has the single best interiors. Everything is where it should be, and the attention to detail is superb. Whenever I get into a Bentley today, I can’t stop smiling, it just makes me feel special, and this is something very few cars make me feel.

For the first time, the Spur features a retractable Fly B mascot, a little like the Royals Royce Spirit of Ecstacy. If I am being honest, I don’t think Bentley needed to do this, it feels like a ‘Copy and Paste’ job. Also for the first time, there is the all-wheel steering which should help make the Spur more manoeuvrable around towns and cities, and in addition to this, the Spur features Bentley Dynamic Ride, which will ensure that the ride in the Spur is smooth and offer great handling, but this I will have to see when I get a chance to drive it.

In terms of power, owners have at their disposal a 6.0 litre, twin-turbocharged W12, which is mated to a dual clutch eight-speed gearbox. This means zero to sixty in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 207mph.

As with the launch of the Continental GT, the new Flying Spur is a ground up development that pushes the boundaries of both technology and craftsmanship to deliver segment-defining levels of performance and refinement,”

– Adrian Hallmark, Chairman and Chief Executive of Bentley Motors.

This quick overview of the Spur has me excited to get behind the wheel and really get to grips with what it is actually like, but for now, the images and specifications that have been announced makes me hopeful that in reality, it is fast, comfortable and make me grin cheek to cheek.

A full review to follow.

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