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Prized by kings and queens for centuries and across civilisations, coveted by tycoons and moguls of the 20th century, exceptional large diamonds have become the ultimate collectables for modern day connoisseurs. This spring, a spectacular 88.22-carat, D Colour, Flawless, Type Ila, oval brilliant diamond, perfect according to every critical criterion, will lead Sotheby’s Hong Kong Sale of Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite on 2 April 2019 (est. HK$88 – 100 million / US$11.2 – 12.7 million). This is one of only three oval diamonds of over 50 carats to appear at auction in living memory, and the largest to be auctioned in over five years


Perfect according to Every Critical Criterion
One of only three Oval Diamonds over 50 Carats to appear at Auction in Living Memory
– A Masterpiece Elevating Diamonds to the Level of Art –

The stone will lead Sotheby’s Hong Kong Sale of Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite on 2 April 2019


“When you think that one ton of mined earth yields less than a carat of diamond, and that high quality diamonds over 10 carats are a rarity, the discovery of a 242-carat rough, of gem quality and exceptional size, is nothing short of a miracle. The perfect 88.22-carat diamond is a summary of everything: a wonder of nature, a masterpiece resulting from man’s ability to shape the hardest material on earth into an object of ultimate beauty and the most concentrated form of wealth, as stated by Pliny the Elder almost 2000 years ago. Sotheby’s Hong Kong has had the privilege to bring to the market some of the most important colourless diamonds in the past decade and we look forward to presenting this treasure to the world. ”

Patti Wong, Chairman of Sotheby’s Asia

“For those who have had the chance to see the diamond, one adjective comes back: “breathtaking”. Barely any diamonds of this weight are known to possess the same exceptional qualities of purity and perfection as this remarkable stone which is so full of fire and blinding brilliance.” 

David Bennett, Worldwide Chairman, International Jewellery Division

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