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Destination Dewsbury 2019Destination Dewsbury 2019

Destination Dewsbury 2019

5* comedy, a good laugh, a bit of rude, crude fun

Destination Dewsbury is a top British comedy brought to you by London born Director Jack Spring. He’s one of the Worlds most exciting film directors, making his directional debut at the age of 18. At 22 he’d won awards, been to Hollywood where one of his films premiered in Los Angeles, at the Beverly Hills Film Festival and now produced his first feature film here in the UK.

Film Director - Jack Spring -Destination Dewsbury 2019Film Director - Jack Spring -Destination Dewsbury 2019

Film Director – Jack Spring -Destination Dewsbury 2019

Springs enthusiasm for film making is second to none, his passion, determination and love for comedy certainly shows, This traditional British Comedy is given a decidedly continental twist by award winner director Jack Spring, who says he wanted to produce a film that made people laugh. Spring tell us how he loved the Inbetweeners and wanted to bing back the good laugh out loud moments of good true British comedy. 

An eccentric director known for his big, hyper-real characters and fast paced all you can eat style comedy you can certainly understand why Spring’s films stand out as some of the most amusing in British cinema. He states there is a lack of lads comedy in the film industry and wanted to bring something unique and fun to watch.   

The movie was set across Leeds, York, Bradford and Dewsbury one of the UKs most beautiful landmarks. It encounters a road trip of four normal lads Smithy, Gaz, Peter and Adam on their way to see their dying friend Frankie, I would say they are all going through a mid life crisis, but along the way come across problems, as you can imagine nothing is never straight forward. The lads have been friends since school and always got up to mischief so it’s no surprise what they encounter.

Destination Dewsbury 2019Destination Dewsbury 2019

Destination Dewsbury 2019

The road trip idea came from Jack’s own experiences and stereotype characters from his dad’s friends, who he used to join down the pub – northerners are more friendly and up for a laugh, as Jack laughs, you can see his southern charm. 

Destination Deswbury 2019Destination Deswbury 2019

Destination Deswbury 2019

The film has many hilarious parts, but one section will have you crying with laughter, it encounters a sticky situation when a toilet becomes blocked – another is the swinger hotel this scene, well lets say, has you thinking, but there are some scenes that really take you on an emotional rollercoaster.

 Throughout the whole of the film you can relate yourself to at least one of the characters – Smithy is the one I relate too funny, emotional and doesn’t take life to seriously, but all the characters have you on the edge of your seat and questioning your own life experiences.  There is not one character that has you thinking I haven’t done that… it’s real life!!!!

 Spring’s idea of portraying positive spotlights to comedy is 100% perfect. I would definitely say if you love to laugh this is a film you do not want to miss 10/10.

Here is what Jack Spring had to say to Asset Intelligence;

What was the Initial thinking behind the script?

I wanted the script to be a comedy because he hadn’t experienced war, loss or tragedy, but knew how to laugh so if we can make something that we can relate too, it will probably make other people laugh and comedy films are may favorite too such as Borat and the inbetweeners.

 Which character would you relate your self too?

I think I would see myself as each and everyone of the characters. I look at each character and see me in different scenarios. 

What was one of the funniest moments you had on set?

One of the actors, which was a deleted scene dropped a load of chips and it wasn’t in the scene and he wasn’t supposed to drop his chips and he wasn’t happy that there wasn’t any spare chips…  


Destination Dewsbury 2019Destination Dewsbury 2019

Destination Dewsbury 2019

Film Director - Jack Spring - Destination Dewsbury -2019Film Director - Jack Spring - Destination Dewsbury -2019

Film Director – Jack Spring – Destination Dewsbury -2019

What was the biggest problem you had to overcome when shooting?

 The biggest one for us was because we was so young was getting the funding to back the film and having people from high-end networks take you seriously when you are just 18 years of age. So I had to find my own funding by starting a hot tube company to raise the funds.  

His latest film, The Tour is spring’s second feature film a £2 million budget produced by Emmy Award nominated producer Stephen R. Morse. We are yet to hear the details of who will be included, but production details should be released soon and filming will begin ahead of 2019, no doubt this young lads future awaits and what Spring has planned. I definitely know he is going to be a massive success along the best directors within the industry.

The film will be premiered in London’s very own Leicester Square and will be aired in UK cinemas on the 15th of  March.

By Louise White

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