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Elemental Adventure is a company that I have been wanting to write about for a long time. This brand, in my opinion, is for those of you who love to ski or like living life on the edge.

It is my pleasure to introduce Elemental Adventure; a brand that offers truly unique and lasting experiences providing stories that you can share with your friends and family for years to come.

Founded in 1999 by James Morland who has a true passion for adventure. Before setting up Elemental Adventure he was a professional ski patroller in Canada and New Zealand, but it was not all snowy environments. He also managed remote fishing lodges in Arctic Russia and, from time to time, took guests sailing the far reaches of the world from Alaska to South East Asia. This is a man who knows adventure and loves to share his passion with guests. Second to James is Jonas Ernevi who also has a love affair with the snowy slopes having spent time also in Canada and Japan, which made him a natural fit for the brand.


I myself love remote locations for hiking whether it is on the Isle of Skye in Scotland to trekking the Alps. The sensation is like nothing else, the open space, fresh air and views that stun. When you have friends with you who share the same passion, it is moments like this that always stay with you.

Elemental Adventure is more than just another skiing company, but a place you can go to when you want to experience an adventure off the beaten track. With passion and experience combined, these guys know all the best local places that will give you a thrill. I asked Jonas to share with me two locations that will really blow your minds. First is Canada and the second is India, so let’s begin with Canada.


Canada is one of the few countries that for thrill seekers has everything, no matter what sport you are into.

As soon as you arrive at Vancouver Airport there is a helicopter waiting to take you to a remote private chalet called Spirit Bear Chalet. The lodge overlooks a stunning frozen lake and over 800,000 acres of the powder-filled playground which is reserved for you and your guests to explore at your leisure. With the chalet, you have your very own private chef who will ensure you have the perfect start and finish to your day. There is also a cellar filled with vintage wines to accompany your meal. At the end of the day you can take advantage of a Jacuzzi and Massage Room to relax those tired muscles.

The beauty of where the chalet is located is that no matter what level of skier you are from a beginner (myself) to a world-class professional, there is something for everyone. When you do want to take at a break from skiing you have your very own private helicopter that can take you into Vancouver when you want to browse the local restaurants and shops.

During your stay you will have access to two private mountain guides, a pilot and a concierge. And from the moment that you land at Vancouver Airport, you have a Bell 212 Helicopter at your disposal.



International flight and overnight in Vancouver


One-hour helicopter flight direct to your chalet

Saturday to Thursday

Six days of Heliskiing (including unlimited vertical)


Helicopter transfer direct to Vancouver after skiing on Friday (skiing normally finishes at lunchtime on your final day). Connect to international flight or overnight in Vancouver.

Jonas does advise that you arrive two to three days prior to travelling to the chalet staying at the Whistler resort to shake off the jet lag and to adjust. I couldn’t agree more. This will allow you to maximise your skiing time at the chalet.


Private Group of up to ten skiers: 223,500 CAD + 5% tax

Private Group of up to six skiers: 179,350 CAD + 5% tax


India Himachal Pradesh

Himalayan Odyssey

This is a part of the world that is often overlooked. Only skiers with real experience travel here due to the amazing steep slopes. A trip like this works best in small groups between three to four people and, like with the Platinum Experience (previously described), you have the use of an A-Star B3 helicopter and over 30,000 vertical metres of heliskiing (in a week).

India Elemental Adventure  - Mt IndrasanIndia Elemental Adventure  - Mt Indrasan

India Elemental Adventure – Mt Indrasan

India has a rich culture and history so my advice would definitely go a week before and spend time in Delhi before heading up to the mountains. This is a city that almost feels like you have gone back in time. When you visit the markets, you will see spice merchants with their goods stacked in colourful piles and jewellers using traditional scales to weigh the gold. There are several sites that you have to visit like the Humayun’s Tomb and the famous Red Fort.

When you are ready to leave the city and unwind you can head to the second part of your trip and that is to the Himalayan Mountains which are covered in snow throughout the year.

011-India-Elemental Adventure.jpg011-India-Elemental Adventure.jpg

One to try: Himalayan Heliski Safari

Your week starts in the muggy streets of Delhi before hopping on a short one hour flight and escaping to the cool fresh air of the vibrant Kullu valley. The aim of this week is simple: to explore seldom, if ever, visited areas of Himachal Pradesh. Lay tracks down virgin slopes of powder snow and stay at lodges, tented camps, rest houses and private village homes along the way – a pure & untamed adventure.



Arrive in Delhi and Overnight in a hotel.


6am flight from Delhi to Kullu (Weather permitting). Transfer by road to Manali arriving around 10am.

Sunday to Friday

Six days of Heliskiing.


Return to Delhi and connect to your international flight.

Price: Upon Application.

Visit EA Heli Ski for more: eaheliskiing.com

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