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There are a very few real authentic British brands that are through and through British, but recently l discovered a little gem hidden away in the famous county that is the Cotswolds and amongst the many places that you should visit, this county is home to the City of Bath, and for those of you who have not been to Bath, my question would be why? This is a city famous for its natural spring waters and of course the number Roman Baths & variety of Spa treatments. Bath has been visited by Royals and Nobles for hundreds of years, visiting to retreat from their royal duties but also because of the open countryside.

City of BathCity of Bath

City of Bath

Now and again, I am asked where is the best place to visit to experience the English lifestyle, the countryside, open fireplaces and the food? Although there are several key places around the UK, Cotswold is a must. Generally speaking, most tourists head directly into London or maybe a few miles out, but forget about the hidden treasures that can be found if you are brave enough to venture a little further out.

Today, Bath is still very popular with tourists and it is also home to their very own university, which attracts talent from around the globe. According to an independent survey carried out by The South West Research Company, it shows that an estimated 6.25 million people visited the district in 2018. The United States of America is the top of the list for tourists followed by Germany, Italy and Spain.

Bath is only an hour and a half by train or two hours by car. The Journey itself when you leave London is amazing, as you travel through the countryside you will discover so many different shades of green in the fields and forests that you go through.


Owners Ian and Christa TaylorOwners Ian and Christa Taylor

Owners Ian and Christa Taylor

Located fifteen minutes outside the city is a boutique hotel called Homewood Hotel & Spa, owned by a couple who understand what it is to be British. Owners Ian and Christa Taylor, who already own a further two boutique hotels have a deep understanding of living on a country estate and is offering this opportunity to guests who want to experience it. When I met up with Ian for a coffee, who told me more about the hotel, it was nice to meet an owner who genuinely cares and understands the type of hotel that he is establishing. Ian & Christa are a couple with a vision and on a mission to work directly with the local community and farmers to enable guests to experience real British food and cuisine.

I have always had a special appreciation for boutique hotels, they are a breath of fresh air, compared to mainstream hotels. Boutique hotels have character and a personality, and this is how Homewood Hotel comes across, every suite is different, no two rooms are the same. Every item and furniture has its place and it is this attention to detail that gives each room an individual identity. Guests have a choice of 21 rooms that are beautifully decorated and furnished and most importantly will make you feel at ‘home’.

Homewood Hotel & SpaHomewood Hotel & Spa

Homewood Hotel & Spa

Large Deluxe King RoomLarge Deluxe King Room

Large Deluxe King Room

Deluxe King RoomDeluxe King Room

Deluxe King Room

Deluxe Garden Suite RoomDeluxe Garden Suite Room

Deluxe Garden Suite Room

There is a single on-site restaurant where guests can experience a number of seasonal dishes using locally sourced produce, from meats to seafood, each dish is fresh and designed to maximise the flavours of each ingredient. To help you digest each dish, there is a fully stocked bar with a wide variety of fine wines and the possibility of amazing cocktails using the large selection of gins.



As with most traditional English Country Estates, there is plenty of land, ten acres to be exact, for Ian & Christa they plan to utilise the space with a vision of creating their own vegetable garden and have a small collection of livestock, which is in line with the current trend of being ‘green’, and for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

Guests also have access to a hydrotherapy pool, sauna, steam room and a heated outdoor pool. Guests are surrounded by some of the finest countrysides in the UK that are worth exploring, as well as, walking the vast number of tracks to exploring the City of Bath. And after a long day, you can use the hotel spa to relax the muscles from a day of walking.



For those who have a dog, GOOD NEWS, Homewood is pet-friendly, with 10 acres available to guests there is plenty of space for canine guests to discover! And after a long day, they can rest in the pet-friendly sitting room or by the bar and get their breath back.

The cherry on the cake is that to experience Homewood, the rates of the hotel are low, and in my opinion, a little cheaper than expected. As a guide, a single room can cost around £140 per person/per night, which is so very affordable.

Bar_A9401948 copy.jpgBar_A9401948 copy.jpg

Restaurant_Chandelier Room_out to Garden Terrace_11-07-2019_10224-HDR-Pano copy.jpgRestaurant_Chandelier Room_out to Garden Terrace_11-07-2019_10224-HDR-Pano copy.jpg

In summary, I love this hotel, and having stayed in a fair few hotels across Europe, Homewood is a must. If you are looking to experience what it is like to live in a quintessentially English home, then look no further then Homewood and at there current rates, you might find yourself struggling to leave.

To find out more or to book your stay visit: www.homewoodbath.co.uk

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