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So having had some time to reflect on the Lamborghini Aventador S that l had the chance to drive a week ago. I thought I would summarise my thoughts.

Firstly, it is one of the most exciting Lamborghini’s I have driven for a while. It is everything a Lamborghini should be, exciting, raw and none stop smiling. As I mentioned in the video review, it is a car that you have to experience, even if it is brief drive, but trust me then l say that when you have finished driving the supercar, you will end up buying it, FACT. The Aventador that I had was the ‘S’ model with a little more power and a little more aggressive throttle response, in short everything is a little better than the standard version.

Adventador S 4.jpgAdventador S 4.jpg


To me when you are looking to purchase an Aventador, the S model is the one to go for powered by 6.5 litre V12 producing 700bhp, which is enough to take you to 62 mph in 2.9 seconds, so if you are running late for a meeting, the Aventador will help make up some time!

20191015_123854_Moment 2.jpg20191015_123854_Moment 2.jpg

There is no denying that the exterior of the car is striking and a real head-turner, regardless of the colour, it is a car that when you are driving in a town people will stop and admire, take pictures and countless selfie’s and you can only imagine the reactions l received driving a bright yellow version. The car looks like a fighter jet from every angle, with sharp angles and cuts which can be found all around the car from the front bumper to the side shirts to the rear arches. The design is truly timeless, much like my all-time favourite Lamborghini Murcielago.


The interior of the car is a lovely place to be, there is so much space, compared to an Audi TT that I drove a few years ago, which was smaller and had less visibility. Although there is no escaping the fact that this car is wide, but if you are used to driving a Range Rover or a Bentayga then in terms of width there is very little difference. Most if not all the electrics come from Audi which means that they work and making the cockpit a pleasant place to be on long road trips. That being said my biggest annoyance is that there was NO cup holder? Not one? This means taking a water bottle difficult and not having a place for my mobile a headache.

Adventador S 9.jpgAdventador S 9.jpg

A bonus is that the Aventador comes its a large 90-litre fuel tank which means that if you do take the Aventador on a road trip, you will easily get and 250 – 300 miles between fill-ups, that is about the same as my Lexus GS300. This also means that if you do decide to take it on the track then you can do more laps than most.

In Summary, I love this Aventador S and is no brain for any car collector to add this to their collection. This Aventador S on sale with Grange Lamborghini Tunbridge walls for £210 k.

Members of the Club can save around £18k on this car and have the car delivered to anyone one of your residences around the work with 7 working days.

You can view my full video review here: https://youtu.be/52kwDdMLO4E

You can view the car listing here: https://bit.ly/2MrNTeM

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