TRITON + ASTON MARTIN = exploration in style

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Project Neptune is a true collaboration between Aston Martin and Triton Submarines; bringing together the design, craftsmanship and exclusivity for which Aston Martin is revered, with the engineering excellence that makes Triton submersibles the safest and best performing, deep-diving submersibles in the world.

Project Neptune 3.jpgProject Neptune 3.jpg

Aston Martin has led the design aspects of the new exterior and interior of the submersible, based on Triton’s DNV-GL Certified “Low Profile” LP platform, while responsibility for the engineering, sea-worthiness, testing, certification, servicing and warranty rests with Triton. Customisation and personalisation options will be available courtesy of Aston Martin’s bespoke service, Q by Aston Martin.

The submersible will be able to dive to depths of 500 metres and carry two passengers and a pilot. By improving the hydrodynamic efficiency, reducing frontal area, and increasing the power; the submersible will have an anticipated sprint speed in excess of 5 knots and approximately four times the acceleration of Triton’s flagship 3300/3 model.

Project Neptune 4.jpgProject Neptune 4.jpg

For a vehicle to wear the iconic Aston Martin wings, it must be equipped with all the performance, beauty and elegance one has come to expect from the British marque. To earn a signature trident, the submersible must be safe, reliable and offer its passengers near 360º visibility.

The final design of the submersible is a testament to the extraordinary attention to detail of both design teams and reflects the complementary values of each company.

Those wishing to secure one of the remaining build-slots for Project Neptune should contact either their preferred Aston Martin dealer or their nominated Triton Submarines representative.

For More visit: www.tritonsubs.com

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