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The title for the beautiful new Spring/Summer collection of the Laurel brand for 2019 The Future is Colorful is everything you would expect it to be.

The vision driving this collection is diversity, as a manifesto for the future. The brand comes together to build the future is colourful with a fusion of femininity, individuality and multifaceted variety, coming together to present their passion for fashion. Head of Design Elisabeth Schwaiger ‘ fashion is as diverse as the women that wear it regardless of origins, culture, age, cuts and fabrics.


The task of this fashion brand is to communicate emotions and different looks for a wide variety of different stories told by life, which only become significant when personal interpretation adds the spark. In the summer collection, there is an umparelled variety, the essence of summer a subtly exotic sensuality of glowing, vibrant and beautiful colour.

Be whoever you want to be.

  • Stand out

  • Be Brave

  • Shine Bright

  • Feel the Future

  • See the light

  • Be colourful

  • It’s all about memories

  • Be grateful

  • Love life

These aims are embodied in floating, silky fabrics, richly glowing colours, exotic prints, delicate lace, and playful embroidery; lines are long and flowing, skimming the figure to create the light, airy feel of summer. A palette of blues teams up with clean, clear hues and tropical prints, while artful contrasts are created by combining floral embroidered skirts with casual light coats and filigree lace or sheer tulle skirts with oversized hoodies. 

A dazzle of sequins illuminates long summer nights teamed with shimmering brocade patterns and soft pleats in delicate shades. Given casual, sporty elegance with wide culottes, beautiful summer knits, and sophisticated sleeve designs, they are the perfect calling card for the collection’s unique charm and diversity. 

So Seventies – this modern take, brimming with retro prints, graphic elements, and playful patterns in shades of Powder and Red, allows feelings of nostalgia and freedom to rise. Teamed with dark Navy, they create a seductive aesthetic with a dash of feminine coolness. Equally, at home in rebellious outfits based on androgynous styles or in elegant, feminine lines, they’re one of the most attractive ways to stage a revolution.

Intense colours, rioting stripes, and tropical prints whisk the wearer into the heart of the (fashion) jungle, glowing with exotic appliqué elements in Yellow, Sun Orange, Framboise, and Lagoon. A midsummer night’s dream of fabrics and natural elements that is the essence of sophistication, with off-the-shoulder Carmen tops and coat dresses that captures a blend of purity and sensuousness.

The collection inspires the inner you and takes you on a summer journey furthermore; their commitment to fashion is indeed international. A brand that knows how to captivate and engage, this is a brand we all need to follow and keep an eye one.

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By Louise White / Editor at Large

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