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Over the last several years we have seen vast improvements from supercar brands in terms of engines, CO2 emissions and overall finishing. We are now in an age where most supercars are actually usable on a daily basis, but we don’t. I personally wouldn’t want to drive a La-Ferrari to the shops or Mclaren 720 to the office, it would be a waste, and if anything it will do more damage than good, but there are alternatives that can be used for everyday things like going shopping or restaurant and even going to the office every day. Here are my top three supercars that you should consider if you do want a car that you can truly use every day.

I am pleased to present the Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso T, the replacement for the FF, Mclaren 570S Spider which makes you feel like a child when driving it, the brand new Aston Martin DBS Superleggera which is for those who want to feel like a million dollars I will look at these offerings one by one and see how they make you feel.


This Lusso is the replacement for the old FF, one of my favourite Ferrari’s. I have always wanted a Ferrari that I can share with friends and one that I can use all the time without the worry of putting miles on the clock, and because it has four-wheel drive, no matter what the weather is, nothing can stop you. Now, this new replacement has swapped the V12 for a smaller V8 Turbo making the overall car lighter and agiler. When they launched this car, it was designed to be a supercar that you can use on a daily basis and you can. It has four seats a fairly decent boot and a large enough fuel tank for long road trips.


Now unlike other Ferrari’s, this is not really a head turner. Those that know their cars will stop and admire the car, but for normal folk, this is just another car. This is not a bad thing, this makes this particular Ferrari a little special. It means that you can enjoy this car for what it is, a grand tourer that can go from 0-100km/h in 3.5 seconds and continue to a top speed of 320 km/h. This is no slow coach. The engine is mounted low down helping make the car more fun to drive. The V8 in this Ferrari in 2016 was awarded ‘International Engine of the Year’, and when you a driving on country roads you can hear why the throttle is responsive and the power is easy to access at low rev’s between 3,000rpm and 5,250rpm.

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What makes this supercar more usable to the McLaren and the Aston Martin is the addition of four-wheel-drive, making the Ferrari more versatile. No matter the weather, where ever you are in the world, this GTC Lusso will keep going. The engineers also added rear-wheel-steering (a trend that most manufacturers are including in their own range) making it easy to manoeuvre in a town or city and very handy in multi-storey car parks.

With the V8 mounted at the front, the amazing gearbox is mounted towards the rear to help balance the car. This also helps the car feel sporter much like the FF. There are five different driving modes, Ice, Wet Comfort, Sport and for the brave or when you are at the Nurburgring. To be honest you are only ever going to use three of the modes, Wet, Comfort and Sport. For daily driving ‘Comfort’ mode is enough, where as ‘Sport’ will sharpen the throttle, make the exhaust a little louder and give the car more urgency. Maybe save this one for the weekend.

The GTC Lusso is a Ferrari that you can use to take the kids to school or take to the weekend house on the coast. The boot is big enough for two large suitcases and two smaller carry on cases. My only grim is that the boot is not deep enough, and still has a shelf, but that is not enough to put me off the car. The fact that you have a Ferrari that you can share with three other passengers is awesome.


Moving to the interior, it is such a special place to be. The leather is soft, you have a 10.25” HD infotainment screen and the Ferrari steering wheel, which deserves its own paragraph.

The Ferrari steering wheel controls most of the functions you will use every day, you have, the toggle for the driving modes, headlight switches, windscreen washer functions, indicators, the ignition button, suspension settings, with the paddle shifters behind. Knowing me, I probably have missed out a button or two but what I getting at is that the steering wheel is so busy. It also moves a lot, but don’t let that put you off, the more time you spend with the car, the easier it becomes to work your way around.

This Ferrari is exciting, the way it makes you feel behind the wheel, and when you do have passengers, the smiles on their faces will remain long after you have got to your destination. If you really want to drive the car all the time, it would make a brilliant UBER.


Ah, the 570S Spider. This car gives me butterflies every time I see one or get behind the wheel. It is my favourite model out of the entire Mclaren range, the number of times I have seen different 570-models in a Waitrose carpark tells me that this really is a supercar that you can use every day.

What makes this particular version perfect is that it has a two-piece fold-away roof which can open or close in 15 seconds. When the roof is up it looks awesome (like the coupé) and it looks even better with the roof down. Going from 0-100km/h takes 3.2 seconds taking you to the top speed of 315km/h (204mph) which is exactly the same as the standard Coupé. When the roof is down, you can hear the roar of the twin-turbo V8 which is intoxicating. This Spider is so easy to drive and has good ground clearance that speed humps aren’t a problem.


The tub is made from lightweight carbon fibre making it very light and great fun on twisting roads. The design cues have been taken from the P1 but a little toned down. The front splitter is made from carbon fibre and the way the butterfly doors up are just magical. When you are parked up, they don’t take up too much space, so you can still get in and out of the car. There are three modes to choose from, Normal, Sport or Track, which in essence covers three things that you will do in this car. Normal mode is superb for day to day driving, the right is silky smooth, the weight of the steering is a little light, and the cabin is quiet. Sports mode stiffens the suspension, the exhaust is a little lighter and the weight if the steering wheel is increased, this my favourite mode. When you are on the back roads, the car gives you confidence that you can push it hard and you will be safe, you never feel out of control. The last mode is Track which explains itself. When you do want to spend a day with your friends at the track, you can give them a run for their money, because the Spider lightweight, the power to weight ratio is ridiculous. The beauty is that you can drive to the track, set some amazing lap times, then drive home.

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The driving position is great, you are lower down compare to the Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso T and the Aston Martin DBS but all this means is that the 570S Spider feels more sportier than the other two, which it is. The interior is a nice place to be, hand stitching on the seats, door casings, dashboard and the centre console which houses the 10” TFT main instrument cluster and in the centrally mounted 7” IRIS touchscreen infotainment screen where you can adjust functions like the climate control. The seats are also adjustable six ways or the optional eight-way, but six-way is enough for most people. There 20 exterior colours to choose from CuracaoBlue, VegaBlue and Sicilian Yellow. One option I would recommend is getting the Dark Palladium grey contrast finish on the roof, windscreen pillars and rear buttresses, as this will give the car a sportier and aggressive look and for those that will look to sell further down the line, make your car more appealing to a future owner.


Overall this car is surprising, the way it completes everyday tasks is awesome and I love that it is so easy to drive and live with. This is the perfect car for driving to the office to going on a long road trip to Europe with your special someone. The only downside is that the boot located at the front is not big, so travel light, but in the grand scheme of things, not the end of the world.


This was a last minute addition, why? The way it looks! I mean just look at it, it is ABSOLUTELY stunning. I much prefer this design to the DB11, the new DBS is more aggressive, more like a car that James Bond would own. Now from the beginning know that I have not driven this car, yet, so these are just my initial thoughts on why you should consider this new DBS as a daily driver.


To start with, at its heart there is a 5.2 litre twin-turbo V12, the only car out of the three to have a V12. This means that the DBS will go from 0-62 mph in just 3.4 seconds going onto a top speed of 211mph. I have been told that the DBS can from 50mph to 100mph in fourth gear in just 4.2 seconds! Going to have to test this myself, to verify.

Let’s start with the exterior because it is just so very pretty. I almost feel like Aston Martin is shooting themselves in the foot, because in a few years they are going to have to improve on this, and it is difficult to see how. When I first saw the car, I thought it was a Vantage DBS, as the design is similar, but when you see the car in the flesh, it is about the same size as the DB11. The body of the DBS is very muscular, with creases and curves all designed to channel air from the front to the rear to improve down-force to keep the car on the road. The chassis is made from lightweight bonded aluminium like on the DB11 keeping the weight down and with the addition of Aston’s latest adaptive damping which is fitted as standard with sensors that detect different road surfaces to ensure you get a smooth ride.

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As with the Mclaren, you have three different driving modes, GT, Sport and Sport Plus. The added bonus with choosing the DBS is that you get a lot of standard equipment from keyless entry, tyre pressure monitoring and a 360-degree Parking Distance Display with Park Assist. With the electronics coming from Mercedes, you can rest assured that you have all the latest bells and whistles. The interior is a lovely place to be, plenty of leather, all the main functions are where you expect them to be. You also have a decent size boot which means travelling across continents is effortless.


Honestly, this new DBS Superleggera is a masterpiece. It is good looking, practical two-seater and will definitely put a smile on your face no matter where you are going and if you so happened to be going to a black tie event, then you may just introduce yourself as “Bond, James Bond”.

There is a lot of grey areas between the three cars, Mclaren is definitely the sportiest out of the three, and the Aston Martin is a great GT car. The Ferrari is the practical choice, with two rear seats that can be used by individuals who are a little tall than myself (5 foot 6 in). I am going to be in this position next year and I think I know which car I would go for, the Ferrari GTC 4 Lusso T, why? Because I love the noise, it is from the exterior design aspect, more discrete for an everyday use and in real life more practical.

By Karl / Publisher

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