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Time is money, you can not afford to waste time waiting in queues, or driving long distances to get to your next meeting which is why you need an Embraer Phenom 100 EV. This amazing ‘pocket size’ private jet is a great choice for those of you who are new to the private jet scene, as it is very healthy on the bank account and easy to maintain. 


Let me first tell you why this jet is so relevant? Today, businesses and individuals are able to conduct business anywhere in the world via the internet or over the phone, but there are times when a personal touch is needed, and flying commercial is an option, if you are not is a rush and don’t mind the wait, no matter how many VIP lounges you visit, then there is driving or getting the train, and I can tell you right now, there are plenty of people still doing this.  There are many assumptions that owning a private jet is expensive, but believe it or not, it is cheaper than owning a superyacht.

When you need to to get a meeting from one end of the country to the other, you need a jet that can take off and land at almost airport, a jet that can be used on a daily basis. 

Highlights of Phenom 100EV
– Largest baggage capacity in its class
– Outstanding ramp presence with airstair unique in class
– Largest windows in its class
– Clean-sheet design
– Low operating costs
– Six-time winner of Robb Report’s “Best of the Best Business Jet” award

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This may be a small jet, but it can host six passengers in absolute comfort. The interior is unique as Embraer worked in partnership with BMW Designworks USA to create an environment that oozes, style, comfort and space. This cabin also has large windows and the largest baggage capacity in its class, so no matter what you need to take, the Phenom 100EV can handle it. One of my favourite features of the jet is that because it is a small jet, it can take off from runways that are as short as 3,199ft (975m), this makes it versatile and enabling you to land closer to your destination. Phenom has a range of 1,200 nm so those living in the UK, flying from Biggin Hill just outside London, you have access to the whole of Europe up to the border with Greece and Turkey. For those living in the states, you can fly from JFK New York to Florida. 


This is a fantastic time to buy your very first private jet, and the Phenom 100EV is the perfect first step.

“I believe the assets of the Phenom 100, not only does it have a beautiful cabin and a glass cockpit that is so simple to operate, but the baggage compartment holds a lot. It holds more than what my wife can put in there, and that’s saying something. I believe it has the largest baggage compartment that’s out there in the size jets that we’re in. And then the interior, it was given a lot of thought. “
Jerry A. – Owner

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