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London is home to some of the finest restaurants in the world and not all of them have the Michelin Star, in fact, I have been to restaurants that are hidden away where the food is so authentic and heartwarming that it feels like you are in the country itself! One of those is Zheng Chelsea located in the best part of London, Kensington & Chelsea, which is home to some of the best boutique restaurants in the city.

Zheng Chelsea May 2018-87.jpgZheng Chelsea May 2018-87.jpg

The restaurant is named after the Chinese Admiral Zheng He, who is known for his travelling adventures in the early 15th century. Zheng He had sailed throughout the East as a peaceful diplomat of the Chinese Ming Emperor. 

Offering a unqiue Malaysian cuisine which is a blend of its neighbouring countries China, India and Indonesia and with influences from Thailand, Portugal and British Cuisines, resulting in a cocktail of flavours but also making each dish unique and so diverse. 

Zheng Chelsea May 2018-18.jpgZheng Chelsea May 2018-18.jpg

Zheng Chelsea over the Spring this year launched their Malaysian Favourites Lunch Menu. This included a starter called Salt and Pepper Squid and Chicken Satay. The main dishes included an iconic Malaysian Beef Rendang and Nasi Goreng Kampung, which is a typical dish of the people in Malaysia made with anchovies. For dessert, you can have the Asian classic like the Juih Ketayap which is a pandan pancake filled with a coconut filling or the fantastic Mango Pudding.

With single course from £13.90, two courses for £16.90 or 3 courses for £21.90. This is a restaurant for those who love true authentic food. Dishes that transport you!

When you are in Kensington & Chelsea London, make sure you take the time to visit Zheng Chelsea, even if it is just for a cocktail, but my advice, definitely book a table in advance. 


Contact: 020 7352 989
Location: 4 Sydney Street, Chelsea, London, Sw3 6PP

By Karl / CEO

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