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Fashion is something that we deal with every day; it’s a language, which tells a story about a particular person and a style that informs society of who we are. It’s always been a means of expression, identification, freedom, and inspiration looking in to change, diversity and most of all the glamour. 

Canadian born designer Resa McConaghyCanadian born designer Resa McConaghy

Canadian born designer Resa McConaghy

Often when designers are describing what they are trying to do, the result can be relatively surreal and tend to stay mainly on the catwalk, but Canadian born designer Resa McConaghy creates her own inspirational style and has become a working premise for fashion. Differentiating away form the same wild idiosyncrasy the designer uses elegant silks – fragile femininity is the word here, acrylic paints with emphasis on crafting the future and showing us new ideas to revolutionize fashion and take it to the next level. 

After graduating from Sheridan College with an honors in fashion design and technology and seven years designing for her own boutique, McConaghy became a well known name within the industry and began to work as a costume designer on films such as Hendrix, Homie Spumoni and her latest TV series Sensitive Skin. She has designed for some of the most established in their field, such as Kim Cattrall, Helen Mirren, Whoopi Goldberg to name a few…

A life’s work in to fashion and flair


It all started from a creative project that grew from her blog, Queens End “ART GOWNS”, which revolved around the art of glamorous fantasy. At the start of 2013, saw Resa creating ephemeral gowns from a wide variety of materials, using traditional fabrics like silk, satin and lace, as –well -as reclaimed materials wine corks, vintage silk ties and leather coats with embellished paint – sounds all very controversial, but this was done to experiment with different mediums to express time periods to empowering the woman.

McConaghly’s latest piece Athena Graffiti Goddess is the twentieth art gown to be produced in her latest series, which explores cultural graffiti style Greek symbols, such as wisdom, law and justice. The art gown is carefully constructed all hand stitched using 120 – inch – wide silk satin, which was originally bought to make curtains, but instead used to create the gown. Using acrylic paint and a heat set fabric medium the symbols were then carefully painted on to the fabric exploring different birth signs – giving the gown a juxtaposition between love and hate the past and the present, which marks a refreshing tradition – an over all masterpiece. 


The armor is overlaid on a bodice of cyan blue spandex, with paint adding weight to the satin – Resa explains, this is necessary to construct a petticoat to support the gowns drape, but lets not forget the acknowledgment of the fact that Athena is also the goddess of war – beautifully suited to a woman with an exaggerated personality, despite her immortality, this dress will certainly wash away any negativity. It delivers a powerful message of acceptance to tell a story of, tradition, history, war and the diversity that we live in today. 

Inspired by graffiti, street art, tarot cards and Greek Mythology Resa says, she has learned a lot about mythology from a blogger – La Audacia de Aquiles, which shows in her designs with a collaborative series on Tarot symbolism. To find out how all of these symbols relate to Athena, visit Aquileana’s next post in her series on Tarot.    


The love and passion certainly shows through on each individual design that McConaghy produces – belief is the key theme, luxury fabrics, extensive embroideries and incongruous ideas, which actually turn the garments in to beautifully and wonderful discoveries. For me fashion has contributed so much in terms of controversialist designers and unlike many brands they tend to remain versatile, but I see more then just adaptable creativity with McConaghy the fashion talks for itself – a prominence piece to invest in to that will remain a presence for generations to come.

Resa McConaghy is certainly a designer to watch, whether you prefer attitude or style? Her art dedication to the creation of clothing is outstanding. The options of materials defines her knowledge of how a garment should be worn, she gives us choices and the chance to express ourselves across unique subject’s, she’s certainly a designer that is at the top of the field within the fashion industry.

To find out more and enquire – please visit Resa McConaghy website

By Louise White / Editorial Director

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