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I love brands that ooze quality and above all offer style, and Bomber Ski is one of those companies. For those of you who like to ski and what to look good while on the slopes, you will be pleased to know that all the Skis offered by Bomber ski are made in Italy. 


Bomber team are lead by Bode Miller who is an accomplished golfer, snowboarder and of course skiing too. Bode has won over six Olympic medals (which is more than any other American Skier). With this much pedigree, he is the perfect Brand Ambassador for the company. He wasn’t the only one who was impressed by the skis, the five-time World Champion Ski Racing legend Marc Girardelli also was blown away with the quality and performance of the skis. Marc even reached out to one of the company owners Robert Siegal and said “the skis were so special he wanted to represent Bomber” says Robert, “and recognizing the power that comes with a world-class endorsement, we signed him to a multiyear
contract as our global ambassador. Our designs really are that good, and it’s because we are uncompromising in our mission to create the world’s best skis.” And Bode had this to add, “For the first time I had found a ski company that enabled every skier to
experience the quality that is normally reserved for the best in the world. I am excited to be part of bringing this level of quality to skiers of all levels, as it vastly enhances the ski experience.”

Robert’s experience with Bomber similarly resulted from using Bomber’s skis. But though he was impressed by the quality, he was reluctant to make an investment, “as the industry has commoditised skis,” states Robert.

“The industry has trained consumers to think of skis as products for which they should bargain and that are not of value. The same people that spend over $100,000 on a brief trip to leading European luxury resorts would never think of doing so for their equipment because there is not
significant enough distinction between the brands.” Robert’s view changed in 2013 when he had the revelation that the consumer that desires optimal ski equipment was underserved and Bomber Skis so enhanced the ski experience that, together with his long-time business partner they decided to combine their shared interests of luxury brands and skiing. “I was reading Steve Jobs’ biography, and a light bulb switched on in my head,” says Robert. “The iPhone was
created because mobile phones were unattractive, utilitarian commodities. Likewise, skis were seen as the cheapest aspect of the ski experience that have historically been unattractive and
not of the quality that modern man is capable of producing. We recognized that many skiers would appreciate the opportunity to experience the same quality ski that is normally reserved only for a limited selection of the world’s most elite skiers, designed specifically for recreational skiers of all levels, adding, you don’t need to be a race driver to appreciate driving a Ferrari.”

What about their skis?

One of the first skis to look at are the Bomber Pro Carve. Pro Carve was designed to offer stability, but high performance for the skier who’s passion is carving the ultimate turn. Bode Miller led this project from the front and spent 2016 working on the design with the production team in Cossato, Italy, where Bomber owns its own factory. They spend the time testing, refining to produce the best possible carve skis.

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“The Pro Carve’s design is a culmination of my concepts of the ideal high-performance
recreational ski which I have contemplated for years,” said Miller. “The quality speaks for itself the moment you carve your first turn, and the dual radius and traditional camber design combine to produce incredible edge-to-edge responsiveness and high-speed stability. Working with Bomber’s team of artisan craftsmen to transform my concepts into reality has been the fulfilment of a lifelong dream. While I am also working with them on the design and construction of my World Cup Race Skis, the Bomber Pro Carve is specifically designed for the recreational skier.”

The second pair of skis that Bomber offer is the Pro Terrain, which is for those of you who want to ski on softer snow. These skis are engineered for high speed and quick turning but at the same time keep you on top of the snow.  The third pair is the Gunpowder which delivers smooth flotation and stable all-mountain performance.

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