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Let’s say you are looking for a yacht that makes a statement, let on-lookers know you have arrived? You Are?

Well, let me introduce you to Predator by Feadship. This yacht has to have one of the most jaw-dropping hulls I have seen for a long time. Predator is the first Feadship to have an axe-bow front that cuts through the ocean. This unique design allows the yacht to slices through the oncoming waves giving the owners a smooth yet stable ride. Predator is a 73-meter superyacht that can reach speeds of over 28 knots with deploying jets or gas turbines. Predator oozes presence and my opinion a timeless design that will and is ageing well.


She is one of the quietest superyachts that Feadship has built. At the helm is Predator’s skipper Greg Drewes, who has been at the helm of four Feadships and various other superyachts throughout his 30 or so years at sea. “The yacht handles better than any I have ever sailed. We have been in five-meter seas, and Predator throws no bow wake. The V of the bow adds sufficient displacement as the bow enters a wave to give a very soft rise through the sea. There is no pounding, and in smaller seas, up to four meters, she is as smooth as a flat sea. The lack of vertical movement makes Predator amazingly comfortable. There is no splash, no rise and no fall.”

Captain Drewes was also impressed with the comfort standards in other ways too: “The specs on noise, vibration, speed and handling also surpassed our highest expectations. We averaged 20 knots with two engines running at 1500 rpm, and at that speed, Predator is as smooth as other yachts I have run at seven knots. When we kick in four engines at a top rpm of 1800, she does between 27 and 28.5 knots depending on the amount of fuel onboard and the sea conditions. Nonetheless, the power of the blades is such that Predator can slow to zero in little more than twice her length.”

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What makes that this superyacht so fast is the aluminium superstructure and various composite materials that were used in the topsides. The interior also had weight saving techniques used such as the marble tops which are in fact thin layers mounted onto a honeycomb background, including some of the wood panels. And because of this, by the time Predator was launched it underweight, which also accounts for that extra speed.

Moving to the interior where light colours have been used making space onboard feel roomy and relaxing. Throughout the yacht, you can see accents of Macassar ebony and Zebrano and Bannenberg studio has designed beautiful detailing to complement the wood used. As you walk into the main lounge, your feet are treated to the soft carpets which are hand-stitched from Muga silk in Nepal using kaleidoscope of brown, gold and green tones.  With large square windows, you never feel enclosed or separated from what is happening outside. The huge windows allow a vast amount of natural light, great for escaping the hot sun. The yacht has an uncluttered vibe while offering light and space.


One of my favourite pieces of furniture is the dining table which was custom-designed and splits in two. Made from Macassar ebony with a crisscross stringing of faux ivory. When entertaining guests, this table is a real talking point, and when you are not using it as a dining table because it splits into two, which can be used as smaller coffee tables. For those moments when you just want to relax, then you can head to the bridge deck lounge which has the large inviting yellow-green loungers. You will also notice the slots in the ceiling which provide cool air ensuring you never get too hot, and if it is a little breezy, large glass panels slide out to act as windbreaks. Now if you want to catch the sun, there is the sun deck which was designed by the owner that includes built-in tables, and you also have the wet bar with a stunning giant Jacuzzi.

Let’s move into the master bedroom, which is the largest seen on a Feadship and due to the design of the bulkheads the stateroom and bathroom a located in one single space. Much like the central lounge area, the room feels light and inviting, with 12 large windows plenty of natural light that floods the room. Above the bed, you have an elliptical skylight which is hydraulically operated allowing fresh air and light from above. With the room, you have a gorgeous walnut Promemoria table with ebony framed cabinets. There is a visual separation from the sleeping area which is created by four structural pillars encased in Karelian Birch. The same attention to detail has been applied to the two dressing rooms and the beautiful bathroom. The highlight is the fantastic shower with bronze fittings that bring a classical theme to a distinctive decor. 

Not forgetting the two VIP staterooms which have similar styling and architecture. The staterooms have a slightly different shade of colours from the owner’s area, and a mix of wool and silk around the bottom of the bed. 

As much as the interior is extraordinary, there is one other activity that is available, and that is on the nose of the bow is a small hole in the deck were a twin seat can be screwed into place with seat belts. Let’s be honest; this is for those of you who genuinely want to get a ride of a lifetime.

So let me summarise, Predator is a superyacht that is utterly eye-catching with an interior to put most five-star hotels to shame. A superyacht that serves as an excellent inspiration for those who want their superyacht to stand out!

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