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As a fully authenticated petrol head, I love any motoring brand which has a passion for speed, design and presence, but most importantly ‘Attitude’. All of the vehicles that I have owned have had their own attitude, and so the RVS #1 is right up my street. As you begin to walk towards the bike, it gives off a menacing feel, almost like it is challenging you, teasing you, “think you can handle me” attitude.


RVS stands for Reparto Veicoli Special: short for design and engineering at the very highest point. The aim to offer true perfection, vision and emotion, and you get this in bucket loads. The bike has real presence and what makes it unique is the attention to detail, every part of the bike is hand build and reflects the brands “one man, one bike” philosophy.


There are little details all over the bike that make this RVS #1 unique, and it starts with the rear LED light cluster which has their new ‘smoked’ cover and on the right-hand side, you have a pair of super bright LED spotlights which are exclusive to the bike. The tank was designed so that titanium strips can be set in it and the rider’s seat has the rather eye-catching honeycomb design. Titanium has also used on the exhaust that drastically improves performance while saving weight. Designed and built by SCProject with MV Agusta, this exhausts purpose is to be used on a track, it is not road legal, but that is not a bad thing, as it gives the rear end of the bike a very rugged personality.

The frame of the bike is made from tubular steel trellis which features traditional aeronautical-grade aluminium alloy side plates, and the model name is discreetly engraved on the right-hand side of the bike. When you get up close and personal, you get the sense that the brand’s heart and soul has gone into the RVS #1. You will notice the stunning wire-spoke Kineo wheels which house the gorgeous Braking Sunstar Batfly front discs, and you can’t miss the sizeable adaptive headlight which only adds further style and performance.


Let’s talk power; between your legs, you have a three-cylinder 800 cc engine that produces 150 bhp at over 12,000 rpm. This means that 0-100 kph takes 3.7 seconds and this is helped by the weight saving materials used throughout the bike with an overall weight of only 160kg! Parts of the engine have been upgraded like the chain tensioner, starter motor, camshafts and valve guides, resulting in a more efficient and quieter engine that offers impressive speed and comfort.

In summary, RVS #1 has to be one of the most impressive bikes that I have ever seen from an authentic Italian brand knows how to make a motorcycle with ATTITUDE. RVS #1 is one that you need to look at.

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