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There is something special about American Muscle cars that attract and turn peoples heads all around the world. They are brash, loud and for men make him feel as manly as can be. Think of countless moments when you have been behind the wheel of an Aston Martin and you imagine yourself as James Bond. Now do not tell yourself you haven’t because you would only be lying to yourself. With muscle cars the feel is very different, they make you feel tough, and attitude that you can take on the world!


So what is a muscle car, well they traditionally have a big-block V8 placed in a two-door coupé body and best of all, given a real price tag, in other words, it affordable. The 60’s and 70’s were the times that big changes came about when car manufacturers sold the cars to buyers know that they would end up being tweaked, modified and tuned to more than the car originally had. This is one of the reasons that muscle cars were and still are so popular but also the satisfaction that the owner put his heart and soul into their muscle car.

So let’s look at a few examples that will give you an idea and let’s start with the Mustang which the most icon muscle car in the world, featured in so many films, TV shows and shows, a car that was used by the good guys. The shape is iconic and one particular model was the Boss 302 which in my eyes were amazing and the noise is amazing. Back in 1969 the Boss 302 had a 302 cubic inch V8 producing 290 horsepower and at the time selling at $3,720. For a car that had such a big engine, it was shocking that it only produced 290 horsepower when in reality it actually produced around 350 horsepower. It also was a thirsty you needed a petrol every few miles. The amazing Larry Shinoda was the person who drew the vision giving the original 302 giving it aggressive looks. At a later date the 302 was replaced with the 351 and in the 70’s they released the Boss 429 in which only 499 were produced. Today 1970 302 fetches over $140,000 and the Boss 429 Cobra Jet is over $100,000. This would make a brilliant investment car to add to your collection.


The second is the 1969 Charger 500 was another success story which sold over 96,100 cars. One of the main factors that made it so popular was that it was used in NASCAR which only lead to increased visibility. Although the car was used it was not the most aerodynamics especially as the front grille was recessed. The engineers at Doge found out that if they wanted to increase the top speed of the car by 5mph they need to find a further 85 horsepower or try to decrease the drag by 15 per cent. In order to get the car in NASCAR, Dodge had to produce 500 street legal cars in order to qualify for the competition, hence the 500 in the name. Again the Dodge was sold for at the time for $3,960 and today they are selling for over $110,000.


The other muscle car to look at is the 1965 Pontiac GTO which is one of the most modern famous muscle cars used in Triple (XXX) franchise and of course the Fast and Furious franchise too. This car was also sold in many different forms as a coupé, hardtop and as a convertible. The original model was offered in two formats 335 horsepower’s and a 360 horsepower, both deliver large grunts; the base GTO could go to 60 mph in 7.2 seconds. GTO was famously used by dragsters across American because the car was so customised-able, there were so many different variables that every car making each one unique. The base model was sold at $2,855 and due to the different ranges that were produced today, this car sells for $80,000.

These three examples are some of the amazing options that are available on the market and owning a muscle car is one of the best things you can ever do. From the way the car smells, feels and drives is completely unique. It is an experience that will stay with you and it is very addictive. Today it is also still great value for money as when done right these will increase in value over time.

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