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Indian Cuisine has always been a great British favourite, lets take the vindaloo for instance hot, spicy and not for the faint hearted, and who can resist the combination of smoky tandoori-charred chicken in a delicate spiced tomato source and of course using the dough of the nan to scope up what’s left, who says you cant beat a good curry.

These beautiful unique dishes have captured the hearts of the British palette for over 200 years and introduced in London, with its first opened curry establishment. The Chicken Korma taking 15% of the public’s choice. With a nation of curry frantic’s it’s no surprise that the UK is home to over 9,000 Indian restaurants, it certainly says the UK’s palette has found the love of spice.


The Asian catering industry is valued at 5 billion, but over the years the industry has witnessed a steep downturn. This decline is manifested in the shortage of skilled workers in the hospitality sector, despite this the hero’s behind Britain’s favourite cuisine all aim to be the best in the business and now with ARTA launching it’s first award ceremony here in the UK at the 02 International hotel London each and every curry house in the UK nation are fighting for that one title champions of champions, where one beloved Indian restaurant will win a 50k award and have the recognition of excellence within the industry.

“Winning a prestigious ARTA Award will help your organisation to stand out from the crowd, send a positive message to your existing customers and attract new business!!!”

ARTA (Asian Restaurant and Takeaway Awards) is one of the most recognised achievements with the Asian cuisine. It celebrates the art of cookery, it is the only official award that recognises, promotes and celebrates the immense importance and popularity of the South Asian catering industry in the UK, as determined by its consumers.


The judges for the 2018 event are Paul Stuart Scully Vice Chair for London Conservative, Chand Rahman Executive Chef, Multi Award Winning Celebrity Chef Mohammed Mujibur Rahman Mayor of Corby Donald Sloan Chair, Oxford Cultural Collective & Ex Head of the Oxford School of Hospitality, Oxford Brook University Pasha Khandaker MBE Ex President of Bangladesh Caterers Association (BCA), Labour party activist Dr Wali Rahman Former President & Senior Adviser British Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce in UK.

The award categories are as follows:

• National Champion of Champions

• Best Chef of the Year

• Best Newcomer of the Year

• Best of Thai

• 16x Regional Winner

• Top 10 Best Regional Restaurant & Takeaway

FOR THE LOVE OF SPICE… and lucky for us we did get the chance to taste the love of spice. When Asset Intelligence got invited to be part of this amazing ceremony the first initial thing we love a good curry this spectacular evening sure did give us that.

The night entailed a red carpet arrive with attendees such as Ainsley Harriott Ready Steady Cook, Samantha Simmonds BBC Presenter Alka Yagnik BollyWood Star, Pascal Craymer TOWIE, and Ben Jardine Big Brother UK amongst others.

The 1,500 attendees had the pleasure of enjoying a champagne and canapé reception, with beautiful onion bhajis, chips, samosas and more. We then took to the ballroom to sit down and enjoy the meal while watching the talent takes to the stage with fantastic entertainment from Bollywood star Alka Yagnik.

We got to taste the best cruise, as a curry lover myself tasting the four curry’s that were placed on the table I can only describe as out of this world, spicy smooth and delicious. Ben Jardine (Big Brother), he states he loves a good Tikka Masala apparently you can’t beat it. A good choice!!!

Salik the founder of the ARTA awards tells us the importance of the awards he states, I wanted to celebrate the Indian cuisine here in the UK and spot the best in talent within the UK. He wants to engage the restaurants with their customers. To recognise the future generations and how we can motivate and change the way consumers look at the industry.


IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SPICES, say’s Graham one of the judges who picks the final chiefs he states, I’m not going to pick a specific dish, as I love all curry, however it can be chicken or fish and bring a bit of elevation to the table and there’s your winning dish.

As the night gets towards the end the atmosphere is still alive and kicking with the grand finale coming to a close you can see everyone waiting for the biggest award in history presented to by Ainsley Harriott the champion of champion winner is wait for it THE CURRY HOUSE!!!! The talent is outstanding, but the best man won, so if you like a good curry, this is the restaurant to be at.

It seems that ARTA is giving the UK industry a great boost to the economy, recognising the best in talent and giving new generations a taste in the best of Asian cuisine, with a nation wide celebration, creativity and growing an overall industry.

Congratulations to all.

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By Louise White

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