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Next year, I will be in a position where I will be looking to buy a two-door sports coupé. I have been fortunate to drive the majority of the cars on the market and personally, there are three options that I think fit the bill. Before I talk about the final choice let me tell you why I want one and what I am looking for?

I have spent the majority of my driving experience in saloons. I absolutely love them, they are practical, as they can fit luggage, take your family or friends, they also have plenty of power and they are so easy to drive. I have never really needed a coupé, but of late, as I get older, I feel like I have missed out on the idea of having a car that I can enjoy, in short, to treat myself. A car that I can use when I want to get away for the weekend. The coupé that I am looking for must-have style. How the car looks is very important to me, no matter the badge regardless of power or whether it is four-wheel-drive or just rear wheel drive. My favourite colour is silver, with gun-smoke grey alloys with as little chrome as possible. I want a coupé that makes smile, naughty and proud.

With the above factors, I have narrowed my search to these three coupés that get me excited. Rolls Royce Wraith, Bentley Continental GT and the Porsche 911 Targa GTS.



This is my favourite Rolls Royce (RR) out there complete range.


The Wraith is RRs two door coupé that is designed for those who want to drive their RR themselves, every day. The overall style is good. If I am honest it is a bit boring compared to the other two coupés, but don’t think it is a head turner, the sheer size of the car makes it stand out. When you drive this car through a high street, city or a small village, it turns heads because of its size. People stop and take pictures, they take a moment to look around it, and you can see by their eyes and mannerisms that they feel ‘proud to be British’. There is also the option to get the Wraith in two-tone or one solid colour, personally two-tone is a must. It gives the Wraith more character and actually gives the body more style. I would actually have it with silver on Blue as pictured.

Underneath the bonnet you have a twin turbo V12, producing 624bhp which is enough to get you from zero to sixty in 4.4 seconds. Although you don’t really buy the Wraith for its zero to sixty ability, it is a car designed to cross continents and borders in absolute comfort. The interior is stunning! This one area that RR is a true master, it is such a nice place to be, the leather is soft and as a bonus, you can actually take three of your friends with you as this coupé will take four grown adults in comfort. When you press the accelerator the power builds up, you can feel your self-being ushered into your seat. It is a heavy car and driving to get the Wraith to go around a corner as speed can be interesting. An amazing feature which helps when you are in a corner is the gearbox. which can pre-select the optimum gear for you to help you around the bend.

In short, I love the way this car makes you feel – Successful. It makes me feel like I have made it, and that I should relax, enjoy life and watch the world go by.



We now have the brand new Bentley Continental GT. A car that most celebrities, sports personalities and rappers nearly always buy. This is no bad thing, not at all. I have deep respect for the Continental as it is a brilliant coupé, a definite head turner and sounds amazing.

New Continental GT - 10.jpgNew Continental GT - 10.jpg

This 2018 model is a little different, it looks sportier. Compared to the previous generation it does look like someone sat on it, squashing it. It looks so much better. What I like about this new GT is the design, the lines are bold, purposeful. The muscles over the rear wheels and the centre crease on the bonnet to the more sloping rear end. This is a very pretty car.

Powering this GT is a 6.0-litre W12 engine producing 626bhp enabling you to go from zero to sixty in 3.6 seconds through to a top speed of 207mph. When you get behind the wheel and smash the accelerator you are pushed into the armchair like seats and the noise from the exhausts is a deep throbbing sound. It is very satisfying. The gear changes are smooth thanks to the dual clutch gearbox and the eight-speed transmission.

New Continental GT - 12.jpgNew Continental GT - 12.jpg

The highlight of the new GT is the interior, it is simply out of this world. I would quite happily sit on my driveway sitting in the GT not going anywhere. Bentley uses over ten square metres on wood in each GT and takes nine hours to create and fit the wood inlays. There are fewer buttons compared to the previous GT and I think this new layout is better, it is easy to find functions that you want. The party piece is the infotainment screen which rotates so you can hide the screen and instead show either dashboard trim or show three dials. My other favourite detail is on the front seats which have a ‘Diamond on Diamond’ quilt which is so soft. The team spent eighteen months developing the embroidery and the exact alignment of each one of the 712 stitches that make the diamond shape.

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This coupé makes you feel special. A car that you want to show off, and that feeling of seeing your passenger’s jaw drop when they first step in. My only disappointment is the rear seats. You can’t really fit anyone in the back, maybe a child under three years old but that’s it. It is a shame because the rest of the car is just sublime.



This is the Porsche that I truly like and it is mainly because of the Targa roof. I remember when I first saw the 1984 Targa in British Racing Green, it took me away, it has always been my favourite out of the entire range. The Targa just has so much style, and the silver frame just made the car design timeless. With this new 2018 model, it still looks stunning, a car that makes giddy.

The one that I have picked is the GTS variation as it comes with four-wheel drive and a new 3.0 litre flat six engine which produces 450PS that can take you from 0-100kph in 3.6 seconds.

What makes this model stand out from the other 911s is the Targa bar which for the first time available in Black on the GTS model, which makes that car look a little more aggressive, with the black paintwork and the 20 inch wheels with a central locking device, which is also painted in silk-gloss black.

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The interior; well it’s functional and well built. Everything is where you would expect it to be, the large infotainment screen is clear and easy to navigate, you also have stunning leather seats that are comfortable and supportive. If I am being honest the interior is like the other 911s in the range. What attracts me the Targa GTS is the exterior and the way it feels when you driving it because there are very few cars that get you excited. You can use this car every day from travelling to work to going away for the weekend.

This is a very difficult decision, as all three offer different experiences, but my goal is a coupé that I can use when I want to drive down to the South of France and not be afraid to clock the miles. I drive over 20,000 miles a year, so this is definitely a factor. Based on this I think the Wraith might have to wait as I wouldn’t feel comfortable adding the miles which would affect the future value of the car. I may end up with the Ghost to replace my Lexus…

So it is a toss-up between the Continental and the Targa. I am going to have to visit the London showrooms and take them for another drive. My head is saying Bentley but my heart is yearning for the Targa, let’s see what happens in 2019.

Written by Karl – CEO

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