There is more to the sea than just swimming, just ask FunAir!

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MYS attracts many different sea-based brands from around the world and one that court our eye was FunAir Playground.

FunAir offered inflatable fun at sea and something a little different to add to your toys on your superyacht. This year FunAir showcased their playground which comes with a slide, climbing frame and a leaving off point. The playground can be tethered to the superyacht out at anchor, but also it can be used in shallow water for kids or even beach holidays.

The playground stands at 3.5m tall when inflated, it also has a non-slip material on the steps and top, comfort grip when climbing holds and ultra slick vinyl on the slide. All this eliminates the need for a coversheet and reduces weight and pack size.

“The Playground was developed because of our partnership with Titan Fleet who needed a durable playground that was robust and could be used by kids large and small. We redesigned it to make it lighter, taller and more stable. Combining the Playground with our Junior BigAir Blob gave Titan Fleet the perfect activity center for their fleet of charter yachts.” – John Courtney, MD of Yachting

Visit their website at: www.funair.com

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