Why you need to own a Helicopter!

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Many businessmen/women use private jets to go on long journeys across the globe, but helicopters are just as useful. Owning a helicopter is like owning a supercar, you can easily fly from London to Paris and or London to Edinburgh in one go.  

  • Security: In a helicopter, you can be in the air very quickly, but also you get a great amount of privacy for those private meetings and deals.
  • Access to almost anywhere: The great this about helicopters is that they don’t need runways or very large areas like private jets. Your helicopter can land just about anywhere from backyards, near stadiums or on rooftops taking you directly to your destination as opposed to solely an airport.
  • Save time and Archive more goals: If you have a meeting in multiple locations, a helicopter can get you around the country quickly and in comfort. A Helicopter allows you continue to work whilst in the air. With the additional benefit of being able to land anywhere, you can get to your meeting, event, home much quicker, as in walking distance! 

Prices for helicopters vary, but as a guide, a Bell 429 which can take 7 people is priced around US$6.4 million. This is a good size helicopter with good range and great value for money. It has a range of 411nm (472 miles on one tank) with a maximum endurance of one-way flight of 4.5hrs.

If you would like to know more about buying or chartering a helicopter, then get in touch with us directly at info@xanaduluxury.com; members should contact their Account Manager.

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